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TDM is a North-West UK-based publication which specialises in adult (18+) male-to-male corporal punishment fantasies. Images shown in both the publication and web-site are of adult males, 18+ and all are reproduced with permission. TDM contains images and text relating to adult (18+) male-to-male discipline fantasies. If you are likely to be offended by such material or are under 18 years of age the TDM publication/web-site is not for you!

14 01 23: There has been a slight delay with issue 247. All copies will be sent out in the next 3 days.

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The TDM publication consists of 24 to 28 pages (A5 size format) and includes the following: 4 pages of colour CP-themed pictures, CP-themed stories and articles, punishment-themed artwork and trade ads offering everything from CP-related equipment to books,story collections and CP-themed films and movie downloads (all 18+). TDM is also available in PDF format (all copies are password protected). There are currently a small number of personal ads in the issue, which we are now building back up after the awful year we have all just experienced. All personal ads published in the issue can now be to be placed on the TDM web-site FREE OF CHARGE.


You can subscribe to the TDM publication by emailing the following address and requesting a Subscription Form. Please remember to include the Disclaimer shown below with your email request (please copy and paste into your email):

"I confirm that I am over 18 years of age and I am aware that TDM contains material relating to male-to-male discipline fantasies and possibly adult (18+) male-to-male sexual activities.

I confirm that I am not offended by such material and request a Subscription Form for TDM for my own personal viewing and entertainment only".

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